Car Hire Insurance Italy

Whilst the car hire companies in Italy are excellent, they can charge their customers a high excess. That means that, in the event of accident, damage or theft, your car rental company will most likely charge you up to your excess amount to repair or replace the vehicle. This can be anything from £500 upwards.

As a result, Bookings For You advise their clients to take out excess insurance on their car hire. We work with Insurance 4 Car Hire to offer a range of excess insurance policies to suit you.

You can either pay a daily rate or choose an annual policy to cover you on all your yearly car hire rentals (not just your holiday in Italy). You'll usualy find that an annual policy with Insurance 4 Car Hire still costs less than it would cost you to pay the car hire company to waive the excess charges on your Italy holiday rental. 

Then in the event of accident, theft, broken windows or tyre damage, the car rental company will charge your card, and Insurance 4 Car Hire will reimburse you after you've made a claim.

Excess for theft of the vehicle, excess for damage to the vehicle including damage to the windows, tyres, undercarriage and roof is typically not covered by car rental companies own excess cover. But excess insurance with Insurance 4 Car Hire allows you to claim up to £2000.00 in any one incident.

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